ExtraGEN Club


ExtraGEN Club is a forum for ExtraGEN farmers, both owned farmers and tenant farmers with certain total area of land in Java, Banten, and Lampung. The goal is to facilitate farmers in consulting about their agricultural land and to guarantee a high quality and amount yield.


1. Free soil analysis/tests

2. Having a recommendation on balanced fertilizing on their land

3. Decide their own payment method (yarnen—payment at harvest time or direct)

4. Receiving direct guidance or mentoring straight from ExtraGEN agronomists on cultivation techniques, from the early planting until harvest.

Membership Requirements

1. Owning a land or arable land

2. Filling out the official registration form, at the nearest agent or coordinator.

Contact Person

Heriyanto, S.E. (0813-1136-4882 )
Gita Puspita Sari, S.E. (0815 - 1045 - 3000)
Ade Nurhayati, A.Md (0813 - 1790 - 2028)
Syamsuddin (0853 - 1111 - 3211)