ExtraGEN Paddy Great Harvest Accompanying Farmers

(also contained in Agrina Vol. 8 No. 177)

On April 2, 2012, PT IndoRaya Mitra Persada 168 held ExtraGEN Farmers Great Harvest Grandeur in Indramayu, cooperated with local agent, Purwanto Kohan. The event which was attended by more than 300 farmers was marked by paddy cutting ceremony by Iskandar Andi Nuhung, Specialized Staff of the Minister of Agriculture; Sugeng A. Achja, Head of Agricultural Services, Indramayu Regency; Atik Chandra, Director of PT IndoRaya Mitra Persada 168 (PT IMP 168); Srie Herawaty, Distributor for ExtraGEN in West Java, and representatives of farmers from Suriname, Latin America. The event was livened up by motivator Muhammad Zaeni who motivated the farmers not to give up on every condition and to always try to increase the yields. Iskandar Andi Nuhung stated that this great harvest event was held by ExtraGEN in order to make the farmers smarter in choosing production means for their agriculture.