Be Rich Thanks to ExtraGEN

(also contained in Agrina Vol. 8 No. 177)

The condition of agricultural lands with lesser and lesser fertility gives a great opportunity for the farmers to experience loss. It’s not a rare occasion when a farmer gets hopeless and leaves the land to turn to another profession. But not with Achyani. He continued working on his three hectares land although it yielded not more than 4 tons of harvested dry rice grains (DRG) per hectare. However, this farmer which planted Ciherang paddy variety in Cikedung, Indramayu, West Java, also tried to find the solution for the land to be fertilize and productive. Finally he found ExtraGEN biofertilizer. Doubtful, he took the offer of its use. However, that first try yielded an extra 1 ton of harvest to become 5 tons of DRG. His confidence grew to see that at the same time, other farmers suffered considerable harvest decline.