ExtraGEN is a liquid organic fertilizer active substance inoculants from living microorganism, functioned to hamper and provide nutrients.

ExtraGEN in certain dose and condition can be combined with chemical fertilizer or in organic agriculture combined with manure, compost and others without chemical fertilizer.

ExtraGEN is a bio-fertilizer made of fresh materials without chemical mixtures, processed by using extraction in order to produce enzyme.

ExtraGEN contents :

1. Macro and Micro Nutrients

2. Microorganisms

* Pseudomonas

* Bacillus mageterium

* Azotobacter

* Yeast

* Azosprillium

* Azotobacter

* Actinomycetes

* Lactobacillus

3. Plant Growth Regulator (PGR)

* Auksin

* Giberellin

* Sitokinin

Benefits of ExtraGEN: